10 best documentaries

Documentary films, like almost every other genre, are booming these days. Write on new and old streaming services, and pour billions of dollars into original content to satisfy your subscribers’ insatiable thirst for new movies and shows or just tons of exciting stories waiting to be told. Narrative stories rarely make it to the box office and are perfect for viewing on-demand. However, they provide a rare opportunity for those who spend hours checking matches to feel like they are studying something while sitting on the sofa.

1) Cheers (January 8)

This six-episode series follows the Navarro College team based in Corsica, Texas as they prepare, train, and compete for national championships.

2). Killer Inside: The Ghost of Mind Hernandez (January 15)

Former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez was a rising star in the NFL, but things flared up when he was involved in multiple murders in the early 2010s.

3). Miss Americana (January 31)

In one of the most anticipated biographical documentaries of the year, Miss Americana brings up Taylor Swift’s ever-divisive veil.

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4) McMillion $ (February 3)

It’s named “The Biggest Scam You Will Ever Heard of”: From 1989 to 2001, a retired cop named Jerome P. Jacobson (known as Uncle Jerry) faked McDonald’s game Monopoly and scammed over $ 24 million.

5) Pharmacist (February 5)

Coming as a four-part series on Netflix, The Pharmacist focuses on the story of small-town pharmacist Dan Schneider, whose son is shot while buying drugs in New Orleans in 1999.

6) We Are The Dream: The Kid of the Oakland MLK Oratical Fest (18 February)

This HBO document is heartfelt and inspiring and follows students from Auckland, California who attend the annual Martin Luther King Oratory Festival.

7) Hillary (March 6)

Regardless of whether you voted for him in 2016 or not, there is no denying that Hillary Clinton is an innovative political figure. In March, Hulu will meet with a four-part documentary series about her life and the extraordinary political rise from lawyer to the first lady to foreign minister to a presidential candidate.

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8). Bad trip (April 24)

Everything on Tiffany Hadish is definitely worth watching, but this project involves a comedian you’ve never seen before.

9). The Dissident (TBD 2020)

On October 2, 2018, Washington Post journalist Jamal Hashoghi was assassinated on behalf of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul.

10). Vivos (TBD 2020)

Artist and activist Ai Weiwei is following in the footsteps of his 2017 documentary, The Human Stream, which focuses on the global refugee crisis, and returns with an equally moving project. In 2014, 43 students from the College of Rural Teachers in Aiocinapa forcibly disappeared and, in some proven cases, were killed following a police operation in Guerrero, Mexico.