10 Great Streaming Series

2020 is likely to keep many of us at home, and it looks like this situation could last until at least 2021. One of the few positives is that many great movies and TV shows are being launched via streaming services like Netflix. The streaming service delivers many movies and TV shows, some of which are originals for Netflix.
Whether you need a new show to watch when Office leaves Netflix or something to watch a movie night with your loved ones, here is a list of 10 movies and TV shows to watch.

1) To the lake

To the Lake, a Russian web series that Netflix acquired earlier this year, is based on Yana Wagner’s Russian novel Vongozero and focuses on a group of survivors trying to avoid a pandemic.

2) Alive

#Alive is a 2020 South Korean film that focuses on Joon-woo, a video game streamer struggling to survive – yes – a zombie apocalypse.

3) Tiger King

Internet memes aside, Tiger King is one of the vastly fascinating Netflix exhibits of 2020. It is a seven-episode documentary mini-series that focuses on Joe Exotic, the owner of a private zoo that owns more than 200 big cats.

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4) Love Is Blind

That year, Netflix had a lot of wild dating shows. Love brings together 30 men and women who are looking for love.

5) Tuca & Bertie

With BoJack Horseman airing its latest episode in January, there is a small gap for this type of animation. Last year my best friend recommended me to see Tuca & Bertie, roughly two female birds in their thirties with lots of yin and yang companionship.

6) The Witcher

I had my first experience with The Witcher after playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. First, I decided to reread the first two games in the trilogy.

7) The Prom

Prom is followed by a group of Broadway actors who travel to the small town of Indiana to help a lesbian student who is forbidden from going to prom with a friend.

8) The Big Flower Fight

What happens if you take The Great British Bake Off and turn the dish into a floral design? Of course, there was a Big Flower Fight. In this surprisingly satisfying race for reality, artists, florists, and gardeners compete with each other as they try to make giant sculptures out of plants.

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9) The Crown

The crown is very free with what actually happened during Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. I can’t stop watching this show.

10) Unsolved Mysteries

I grew up watching crime shows like Snapped and Unsolved Mysteries. They’ll keep me up all night as a detective – and now, as an adult, I keep coming back to them.