1992: Berlusconi Rising

1992: Berlusconi Rising

In 1992, the Italian political drama series were produced and based on the ideas of Stefano Accorsi by Alessandro Fabbri, Ludovica Rampoldi, Stefano Sardo, and La7. Established most often in Rome and Milan, the plot features six people’s lives that are entangled with the fast-changing political climate of the early 1990s. 

In which Italy was gripped by the Mani Pulite investigation into political corruption, which contributed to the collapse of several major political parties and significant evolutions in Italy’s constitutional system.

The series was proven to be successful and was two sequel series, 1993 and 1994, released later to compose a trilogy. It’s been linked to House of Cards, The Sopranos, and The West Wing. 

The plotline of the series.

In 1992, Milan’s Public Prosecutors opened an insane political corruption investigation in Italy. A sleek, self-serving advertising man who believes in itself alone, Leonardo Notte (Stefano Accorsi) plans to benefit from the unspeakable scandal. The inquiry is led by a Milanese pharmaceutical magnate, Michele Mainaghi (Tommaso Ragno) whose company sold blood to Luca Pastore (Domenico Diele), the young policeman infected by HIV. 

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Pastore, part of the team of inquiry Antonio di Pietro, looks for revenge and teams up with the dark side of another cop Rocco Venturi (Alessandro Roja). In the meantime Veronica Castello (Miriam Leone), Mainaghi ‘s mistress is looking for a television career and will return to Notte after Mainaghi is disgraced.

A Remaining veteran of the Gulf war Pietro Bosco (Guido Caprino) springs into fighting and saves a man’s life who turns out to be one of the new leaders of the League Nord party. Veronica intends to use him to boost her television career, rather than love him; the two of them are starting to plan a life together. However, if he wants to continue his political career and build a family with Veronica, Pietro finds he has to betray his friends and convictions.

Release of season 1!

1992: Berlusconi Rising, Season 1 will stream on Amazon Prime Video, from October 1, 2020. 

The cast of 1992

  • Stefano Accorsi as Leonardo Notte
  • Miriam Leone as Veronica Castello
  • Guido Caprino as Pietro Bosco
  • Domenico Diele as Luca Pastore
  • Tea Falco as Beatrice “Bibi” Mainaghi
  • Alessandro Roja as Rocco Venturi