The Discovery Of Witches

Based on Deborah Harkness’s All Souls trilogy, “The Discovery of Witches” came out in 2018 and immediately gained popularity. It reached an audience of about 2 thousand people. The big news for today’s connoisseurs is that Season 2 and even Season 3 has officially begun. The next two seasons are based on the third and second novels, The Shadow of the Night and The Book of Life.
Readout all updates and clarifications below!

Release Date

Previously, it was reported on the network that the second season will be released in 2020. But the details of the release date were not disclosed. In December 2019, the show’s official Twitter account announced that they were planning to start filming in Italy shortly and that UK productions were complete.
Of the directors posted on Twitter on January 7, 2020, just two weeks of photos. However, it is unclear if the current global scenario is delaying the start of the second season of the event.

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Major Casts & Characters In The Series

Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont will definitely be the focus of this event and each other’s love. So Matthew Goode returned in the second season, the actor who played Teresa Palmer.
Whereas Other Casts Includes:
• Alex Kingston (Sarah Bishop)
• Aisling Loftus (Sophie Norman)
• Valarie Pettiford (Emily Mather)
• Lindsay Duncan (Ysabeau de Clermont)
• Daniel Ezra (Nathaniel Wilson)
• Owen Teale (Peter Knox)
• Gregg Chillin (Domenico Michele)
• Malin Buska (Satu Järvinen)
• Aiysha Hart (Miriam Shepherd)
• Edward Bluemel (Marcus Whitmore)
• Trevor Eve (Gerbert D’Aurillac)

About Season 2

The story of the second season depends on the second book of the Harkness trilogy “All About the Soul.” The second edition of Shadow of the Night followed when Matthew and Diana were in Elizabeth London. It involves spying on a friend and cheating on Matthew and the mystery school that night. The creators also hint that they eventually returned to Elizabeth London to find Diana’s highly effective teachers in the season’s plot.

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The trailer for the second season of Discovery of the Witches is amazing. In October, Sky announced the opening of the second season of the Witch Trailer. In which Diana and Matthew travel to Elizabeth London in time to find Diana in search of “Britain’s greatest witch” and a mighty lost book that promises immortality.