Pedro Aguilera has created a brilliant dystopian thriller called 3%. It was perhaps the first Portuguese Netflix original series and it was an amazing example of a Brazilian science fiction thriller. The first season had 8 episodes, with each episode having a duration of 38 to 51 minutes. It was aired on Netflix on 25th December 2016. The first season had favorable reviews and so Netflix renewed it for another season.

It was released on 27th April 2018, and it contained 10 episodes. The series once again got permission for renewal and the third installment will be released on 7th June 2019. There are many dystopian thrillers based on teenagers but 3% manage to mark its own space. The series involves its characters with complex backstories and these personalities are the strong points of 3%. Both the IndieWire and New Zealand Herald, has said good things about the series.

What is the premise of the series?

The show is centered around an unspecified futuristic “Inland”. The 20-year-olds have to complete something called the Process and this will help them to escape their impoverishment and step up to the superior affluent “Offshore” society. A maximum number of the candidates do not succeed and suffer eliminations. When they fail to survive, it appears that only 3% have succeeded. In the last season, a place called Shell is established where everyone is welcome.

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When will season 4 reach our screens?

Season 3 had eight episodes and viewers have already binged on them. But this was in 2019. Fans are eagerly expecting another season. But the bad news is the show hasn’t gotten the green light for season 4 yet. But there’s no reason to panic as Netflix is known to announce renewals after a long period of time. It is obvious that the series is popular with the Netflix subscribers, all we can do is wait for the news of renewal. The third season had gifted it’s viewers with many twists and turns and the next season is expected to be just as tantalizing.