90 Day Fiancé

Sharp Entertainment is the producing company of the show. It premiered on January 12, 2014, on TLC Networks. The show did surprisingly well on screens. The critics gave mixed reviews on the setting of the show. However, the audience loved the reality show. It scored 6.8/10 on IMDb, which is pretty standard for a reality show. Looking at the impressive viewership of the show, the producers of the show renewed the show for six more seasons. TLC recently released the show’s seventh season.

Season seven of the show released on November 3, 2019. It concluded on February 17, 2020. In this article, we will focus on the possibilities of the eighth season of the show. Also, with all the details required of the show, ’90 Day Fiancé’.


90 Day Fiancé is an American reality show, featuring real-life couples. These couples have applied for K-1 Visa, and have 90 days to marry their fiancé. The show starts with the petitioner meets the beneficiary. The petitioner fills an I-129F petition, with the evidence of dating someone of the country. 

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According to the standard procedure, they get their medical and everything sorted. Then the petitioner has to present clear and valid evidence of being in inclination with someone of the province. Also that they intend to marry afterward applying for the Visa. The department then allows a time-frame of 90 days to get married. Also, the couples sign a contract where they have to marry each other no matter what. The agreement then proceeds to US Immigration Services.

Season 8:

90 Day Fiancé is fairly a convectional show. The series did well on tubes. Producers have issued seven divisions of the show till now. Not only this, but ’90 Day Fiancé’ also initiated some of the thriving spin-offs. The creators of the show have not yet announced the renewal of the show for the eighth chapter. We can expect the eighth season to come out sometime in 2021.


  • Russ & Paola
  • Alan & Kirlyam
  • Louis & Aya
  • Mike & Aziza
  • Chelsea & Yamir
  • Danielle & Mohamed
  • Justin & Evelin
  • Brett & Daya
  • Jason & Cássia
  • Danny & Amy