50M2 Season 1


50M2 is a new crime series coming soon. Burak Aksas and Selcuk Ayedmir were the directors of the show whereas the makers of the show are Faruk Ozerten, and he brings a lot of awareness.

50M2 Season 1: When is the show releasing? And on which streaming platform?

The show announced that it will air on Netflix on January 27, 2021. This means that this year we will have a new crime drama full of fun and adventure.

What about the cast? Will someone be expanded as a casting partner?

The main cast of the show includes:
1)Engin Ozturk
2)Aybuke Pusat
3)Cengiz Bozkurt
4)Kursat Alniacik
5)Tolga Tekin
6)Yigit Kirazci
7)Ozgur Emre Yildirim
8)Tuncay Beyazit
9)Tugce Karabacak
10)Hasan Yalnizoglu
11)Murat Kilic
12)Emre Yesiloz
13)Emrullah Cakay

About the plot of the show 50M2 Season 1

The show follows a mysterious assassin named Genoa who wants to find his life. She lives in a 50-meter long sewing workshop in a strange environment free from the betrayal of Prosperity, darkness, and Servetus, who treats him like a long-lost father. When the situation calmed down and he went into hiding, he discovered that his neighbors considered him the son of the late shopkeeper. However, soon he acknowledged that conserving this temperament was not as susceptible as he believed.

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The more you live in this new environment, the more secrets and true personalities you will discover. The more you help another, the other he becomes. Servet Nadir’s dirty work was done when Genoa was growing up. In this episode, we see that people who remember nothing from childhood struggle with pictures related to the past. Dodging Servet Nadir’s secret, she escapes to a 50 square meter sewing workshop in an area called Gazelle. The locals consider him Adem.