A Perfect Crime Season 2

Perfect Crime Season 2 Netflix: Netflix has brought a wide variety of documentaries to its global audience in recent months. And these documentaries are based on different genres, be it food, travel, science, history, or real events. People love this documentary series, so Netflix is soon releasing a new documentary series entitled A Perfect Crime to the public.

Perfect Crime is a German crime documentary released on Netflix in 2020. Although the 4-episode series, which averaged 40 minutes, didn’t make a sound around the world, viewers loved it. The series, featuring Alfred Hartung, Tobias Kasimirovich, and Beat Malkus, will be broadcast on Netflix on September 25, 2020. Its fresh production has already been seen by many and looks like it has already been seen. Viewers of the series are wondering if there will be a second season. Will, there be a second season of Perfect Crime and when will it air on Netflix?

About The Series

After the unification of Federal and East Germany, Detlev Rohveder, entrusted with the privatization or modernization of locations such as 15,000 factories and industrial plants in East Germany, and President Treuhand, who was assassinated by the secret state, were considered to have high unemployment rates. There were three beehives, one chair, a towel, and a letter during the investigation. The crime was committed; The letter belongs to the radical left-wing terrorist organization Red Army Faction (RAF), which killed 33 people between 1971 and 1993.
It was submitted with the actual documentation of the day and prepared for the period by reference to the opinion of the names in German politics.

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This documentary shows that GDR residents experience frustration, their livelihood efforts, their hopes, and fears about unemployment. This once again reflects the popular movements and demonstrations of its time for the public through objective windows.

Will There Be A Sound Season In the Series??

There are no updates for the second season of the series. The series is ready for a season, as are many of Netflix’s short documentaries. In 4 episodes he tells the audience the whole story with all the details and evidence. A sequel to the second season seems unnecessary. The second season of the series seems unlikely according to our predictions. Later we can see another historical documentary of the same genre by Gebrueder Beetz Film production, but this is not a perfect crime.


The series stars
• Alfred Hartung
• Tobias Kasimirovich
• Beat Malkus
• Peter Miklush
• Tom Pilat
• Oliver Reissig
• Julian Werner and others.