Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero Season 2

TetsutoUesu wrote the Japanese light novel called Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero. Tamago no Kimi illustrated the novel. It was adapted to an anime series by Arms. It aired between July and September in 2012. The animated series is directed by RionKujō and it is written by RyunosukeKingetsu. Currently, there are hordes of anime shows available to the public. It takes a bit more than adult humor to be popular anime series nowadays. Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero seems to meet the criteria. Even though it can be counted as a part of the ecchi genre, it has an interesting plot to keep the audience engaged.

What is it about?

The show is centered around the magical world of Alayzard. The series is set in a world where men and women are transported to Alayzard. The survivors are rewarded with magical abilities. But they are not alone as they are protected by the international institution called Babel. It gives them training and teaches them to use their powers properly. Our protagonist, Akatsuki, ventures back into the world after defeating the Last Dark Lord. Along with him is Miu, the beautiful daughter of the Last Dark Lord.

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The anime has 12 episodes till now. The animation by Studio Arms is great and deserves all the praise it can get. People liked season one, and fans are hoping for another season so that the show can reach its full potential.

When is Season 2 going to be released?

The first season ended back in 2012. Reviews were divided as some of the people thought that too much fan-service ruined the show. All the negative reactions affected the sales in Japan. Despite all this, the show might get renewed but it is wise not to expect too much. The next season might get released in 2020 or even next year.

The cast

The cast of voice actors include
• Nobuhiko Okamoto plays AkatsukiOsawa
• Yoko Hikasa plays MiuOsawa
• Kana Hanazawa plays KuzuhaDomoto
• Kana Ueda plays Chikage Izumi