After Life Season 3

Ricky Gervais has created a wonderful black comedy series named “After Life”. It is also written, produced, and directed by him too. He is also part of the cast. It aired on 8th March 2019. It was very well received and the critics had also praised the show.  It was renewed for a second season and that was released on 24th April 2020. We have 12 episodes in total (taking the two seasons) and each episode spanned for about half an hour or so.

It is a show worth watching, Gervais is phenomenal in it. It has 74% of approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and it has a favorable score on Metacritic too. This Gervais project is filled with dark comedy and displays how talented he actually is. His character’s self-pity is only balanced by his wit, and the audience can’t help but crave for more. But the series has had a bit of a mixed response from critics on BBC.  They felt that swearing replaced a lot of moments where jokes should have been.

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What is the plot?

The series of “After Life” is about a widower called Tony who hasn’t gotten over his wife. He has even thought about killing himself because he couldn’t deal with the pain of losing his wife to breast cancer. But he changes his mind and decides to stay alive and punish the rest of the world. He goes about saying and doing anything he pleases, but instead of hating him, the people around him try to understand and make him feel better. Tony is a journalist in the town of Tambury and his job isn’t something he is proud of. The audience follows Tony as he explores life after his wife’s death.

What about Season 3?

The third season of After Life has been confirmed by the streaming platform Netflix. Ricky Gervais has also assured fans that he has done working on the first draft and posted a picture of himself holding the script of the third season on Twitter.

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It is expected that the main cast will continue to be a part of the series.