aggretsuko season 3

Aggretsuko anime is also known by its initial Japanese name “Aggressive Retsuko”.The show is a comedy based on a character made for Sanrio. It is a Japanese company specializing in product concerning the kawaii culture in Japan.

The character of Aggretsuko was first shown in a series of animated shorts. Eventually, an anime show was also based on the character, and “Aggretsuko” was released in April of 2018. The SER gained popularity and it was renewed for a second season. The second season came out in June of 2019. Rarecho has directed the series and written it as well. Each episode of Aggretsuko only spans for about 20 minutes.

The character is popular enough to have a comic book series based on it too. Even a mobile game named “Aggretsuko: The Short Timer Strikes Back” has been released in 2020. It is interesting to know that the show has achieved critical acclaim in America. The show has a unique blend of adorable characters and absurd corporate comedy while focusing on the bleak aspect of life. The show is famous for its amazing depiction of the Japanese workplace and the additional stress the women have to go through.

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What about the third season?

There’s good news for the fans! Aggretsuko will definitely be returning for a third season. There’s also a trailer to attest to that. Our adorable red panda will be returning on 27th August 2020. It will be hilarious to see Retsuko transform from her demure personality to the vicious being during karaoke sessions.

The new season of the anime will also be introducing new characters. The fans will get to meet a unicorn who is currently at the post of a businessman. The third season will also bring about deviation from death metal and the audience might find Aggretsuko singing pop songs!

For viewers who aren’t fond of subtitles, there will also be an English dubbed version available. Only a couple of days till we get the see the frustrated accountant back on our screens.