AJ and The Queen

RuPaul and Michael Patrick King have created a comedy-drama series called “AJ and The Queen”. It was released on Netflix on 10th January 2020. Season 1 of the show only had 10 episodes. This show is centered on adventures led by Robert,  a drag queen, and a ten-year-old.

What is the plot?

AJ and The Queen are about a vivacious but down on her luck drag queen named Ruby Red. She spends her life traveling across America. Ruby Red uses an RV as her means of transportation. She also has an unlikely companion with her,  a ten-year-old orphan named AJ. This is a story of two misfits as they travel from club to club in America. The show spreads around the message of love and acceptance. It is bound to touch your heart. Each of the ten episodes has a span of nearly 47 minutes to an hour.

What about season 2?

Netflix has been mum on the subject. There is no official announcement of season 2 of AJ and The Queen.  But the first season of the show has just been released this January,  so it is a bit early to seek news of renewal. The fans still have a lot of time to get the word of an official report. As it is known by almost everybody.

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Netflix will decide on renewal by judging the number of viewers.  Reviews by critics also play a role. Some of the critics thought that the show didn’t have much to offer by the ways on content, except RuPaul’s character. Many weren’t a fan of the plot progression,  saying the only redeeming quality of the shaky story was the glamourous star.  Even if there is another season,  the fans will probably get it by 2021.

Who is in the cast?

  • RuPaul Charles as Ruby Red
  • Izzy.  G as Amber Jasmine Doughlas (A. J)
  • Michael Leon Wooley as Cocoa Butler /Louis Bell
  • Josh Segarra as Hector Ramirez / Damien Sanchez
  • Tia Carrere as Leilani Kala’i / Lady Danger