Ajin Season 3

Gamon Sakurai has created the famous manga series called Ajin: Demi-Human. Just like every popular manga series, Ajin is also adapted into an amine series among other things. It was also the inspiration behind a 3-D animated movie created by Polygon Pictures. The anime series was released back in January of 2016. This anime was also the work of Polygon Pictures.

The people involved in the creation of the film trilogy were also involved in the creation of this anime. Netflix sought out this series and put it on its platform on 12th April 2016. Hiroyuki Seshita and Hiroaki Ando have directed the show. Hiroshi Seko has served as the writer. There are 26 episodes in total. The first two seasons have already been released and now, anime fans are eager for the third installment. The second season was aired back on 8th October 2018, so the wait has gone on for too long.

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What do we know about the release date of season 3 of Ajin?

Anime fans have been waiting around for more than three years for the next season of Ajin. It is commendable that this long period has not dampened their enthusiasm. But even after these years, there is still no confirmation of an official release date. But, according to rumors, the third season of Ajin is in development. Fans may hope for the official news soon enough. If all goes well, the viewers will have the third season by 2021.

What is the series about?

The story of this anime follows a young boy called Kei Nagai. One day, he gets involved in a traffic accident and gets to know that he is an Ajin. The distinctive feature of an Ajin is that he/she can recover from a wound in a few moments. They possess great regenerative powers. For their powers, Ajins are not received well in normal human society. Shunned for their abilities, they are often used by humans for their own ends, such as experiments. This leaves no choice for the Ajins, but to escape from the control of the government. Kei has not been interested at all in this conflict before, but due to his accident, he is forced to make a choice.