Akudama Drive Episode 10


Akudama Drive Episode 10 is an upcoming episode of the sci-fi anime series. This is the cyberpunk genre. A series produced by Pierrot and Too Kyo Games will be released in 2020. The main storyline belongs to the villains known as Akudama in Kansai. The anime was supposed to be released in July 2020 but has been postponed due to the pandemic. It finally came out in October.

Akudama Drive Episode 10 Release Date

Finally, the holdup for season 1, episode 9 is over! It will be released on December 3 at 9:30 p.m. Japanese Standard Time. However, Episode 10’s release date is unknown.

Akudama Drive Episode 10 Official Announcement

Even if a specific date isn’t given, the producers insure each episode every Thursday, meaning there’s only one extra week waiting.


The story revolves around a criminal on a mission to get another big criminal out of prison. In short, there will be a prison sentence. Set in a dystopian society, fiction anime is even more suitable. An anonymous customer sent a message approving Cutthroat. Since he is currently on death row, this becomes even more urgent for the client.

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Some Akudama responded to the invitation to find out later that they had become part of a bigger game. Customers may want to steal valuable cargo from the arch of the train. Now they have to fire Cutthroat from the Kansai Police Headquarters to win big. A team of gangster thieves and gangsters initiate this heist to take advantage of the higher wages. Presently, let’s glimpse what Akudama Drive Episode 10 gives rise to us.


Anime has different characters that make up Akudamite. The identity of the anonymous caller was not disclosed. We do not have specific character names, but people who are recognized by their activities.
We have Ordinary Person, Courier, Brawler, Hacker, Doctor, Hoodlum, Cutthroat, Black Cat, Execution Division Master, Execution Division Pupil, and Boss. On Amazon, the Akudama Drive Episode 10 is available to watch so those who like to see it can glimpse it there.