Akudama Drive

In this post, we will discuss the release dates of the last 5th episode of Akudama Drive and others. Akudama Drive is probably one of the most exciting animations of the season.

“Akudama Drive” Episode 5

The Akudama are the special villain of this world, and they are very cool and evil. So far, we have seen the group leave Kansai Station to fulfill the “billion yen plan”. Their ambush was successful on the Shinkansen. Follow the instructions of the black cat and plan to steal the safe. Read the entire article to know more about its Release Date and a quick thorough Recap.

Release Date

No official announcement had been made yet regarding the delay in Release Date. Visit the webbies world for more information on release dates. Here are the dates and times for different time zones. It hasn’t been changed. The fifth episode of Akudama Drive will air on November 5, 2020, at 09:30 JST.

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Akudama Drive
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Major Casts And Characters

A list of all cast members is given below:
• Tomoyo Kurosawa will voice over for An Ordinary Person
• Yuichiro Umehara will voice over for Courier
• Shunsuke Takeuchi will voice over for Brawler
• Shun Horie will voice over for Hacker
• Megumi Ogata will voice over for Doctor
• Subaru Kimura will voice over for Hoodlum
• Takahiro Sakurai will be as Cutthroat
• Ohtsuka in the voice-over of Execution Division Master
• Yumiri Hanamori in the voice-over of Execution Division Apprentice
• Yoshiko Sakakibara in the voice-over of Boss
• Maaya Uchida in the voice-over of Black Cat

“Akudama Drive” Story Until Now

The police seemed to be following Akudama. The Black Cat orders the Brawler and the Outlaw to follow the plan, removing the cops. Then the scandal, which was a scandal, flared up in battle. The black cat then warned the other hackers to open the door for progress. Suddenly the cops and cops seem tired of the daily activities of stopping the gang. Then we saw a fight between a female police officer and a thug pushing him away.
The police came to fight the bat, but the bat was better than in the previous fight, which allowed him to hit the police well. Akudama Sambhav completes the plan by fleeing the police and lawsuits.

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Where to Watch “Akudama Drive”

You can view all previous and recent issues in Funimation. If you’ve never seen a show before, give it a try.