Alice In Borderland Season 2: Everything You Need To Know!!!

Alice In Borderland Season 2: Alice in Borderland” is a Netflix Original live-action version of author Hara Aso’s manga with the same name. Shinsuke Sato directs the series, which was written by Yasuko Kuramitsu. Netflix hinted about the second season at the end of 2020 and thus is final.

Alice in Borderland Season 2:

Only two weeks following Alice in Borderland part one, the series was quickly restored by Netflix. Netflix has received notifications from many social accounts worldwide. This series is one of the few programs that has been able to cross boundaries to other nations and break over.

What happened till now in Alice in Borderland?

Around 31 chapters of the manga were addressed in the first season and then another 33 chapters were left.

During the first season, Arisu, the protagonist of the show, had a huge influence. At first, they arrived with two of his buddies, Chota and Korube, who finally gave themselves to Arisu.

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The culmination of the season occurred during the 10th game of the hearts, with beach dwellers guessing right who the “witch” was. Many of the contestants were murdered after a lot of clashes within the game’s uncertainty, but Arisu could accurately anticipate the Witch’s identification, indicating that this was Momoka.

In Niragi’s wake, the contestants set the carcass on a light fire and finished the game with the Beach house.

Arisu and Usagi subsequently found that they were not rivals, and were really traders. They were not rivals. The dealers’ duty was to undermine visa-free gaming. Thanks to proof in the phone of Momoka, Arisu and Usagi found the subterranean control room, but who they felt were slain.

In the end, a lady, Mira appeared on the displays and said that the games had just started and invited everybody to take part in the next round of the match. On their return to the level, contestants witnessed flashes of cards soaring over the metropolis of Tokyo.

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Arisu and Usagi have a bit of a way to go until they can get out of many matches still to be contested.

The voiceovers of Alice in Borderland:

  • Ryōhei Arisu has been voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya.
  • Yuzuha Usagi has been voiced by Minako Kotobuki.
  • Daikichi Karube has been voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki.
  • Chōta Segawa has been voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga.
  • Saori Shibuki has been voiced by Maaya Sakamoto.