Ari Eldjarn Pardon My Icelandic

In this English language, Icelandic comedian Ari Eldjarn enjoys Scandinavian competition, Hollywood views of Thor, the whims of rookies, and more.


Perhaps the first Icelandic comedian to compete on MICF, this show is more than just a curiosity. It arose to be a bunch of leisure. Even without jokes, it is very interesting not only to listen to an Icelandic but also to hear what he thinks of others. What a mess. Desperate for attention. You face the Faroe Islands. Then there are Eldjarn’s observations about the stereotypes of Iceland’s larger and more populous northern neighbor. A drunken Finn, an incomprehensible Danish, a rich Norwegian. Only material on the complex relationship between Denmark and Iceland can fill an hour.

“Ari Eldjarn: Pardon My Icelandic”

Comedy after hour, Creators of the show hastily added. This is a rare comic territory. Of course, Eldjarn’s corner is a specialty market. It’s not like nursing a dozen other Icelandic comics for your ticket money. But this man’s worldview, he joke, felt as fresh as the mountain air. Iceland sometimes publishes news in Australia. Do you remember the giant attack on Iceland in the 2016 European Football Championship? 2010 volcanic eruption disrupting global air traffic? Economic hardship facing Icelandic banks during the GFC? Eldjárn has a joke for every occasion.

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There are also good jokes that don’t show the comic house. For the four-year-old comic princess, who acts like the capricious king of Game of Thrones, she is a piece of perfection. Air travel was fresh and pleasant in Eldjárn’s hands, even material on this dangerous subject. Eldjarn crafts have been perfected over the years in these presentations and performances. On his first visit to a comedy festival, I cannot recommend this highly entertaining show.

The Run Time of the show is 54 minutes whereas Stand Up Comedy and comedy is the Genre of the show. The Lead Cast of the show is “Ari Eldjarn’s” himself.