True Beauty Episode 10

Fans are looking forward to learning more about the history, release date and opportunities outside of South Korea. Here we are ready to fill you with the answers to all your questions. “True Beauty” is an ongoing South Korean drama based on the Yaongyi website of the same name. Directed by Kim Sang Hub (The King in Love, Extraordinary You). While the story was written by Lee CNN (High Kick! 3, Top Star Yoo-Baek). The show debuted in December 2020 and recently aired Episode 9. Even though Episode 9 came out a few hours ago, fans are looking forward to even more.

True Beauty Episode 10 Release date

Episode 10’s true beauty will be given on January 14, 2021. The show will initially be broadcast on tvN network in South Korea. People who do not live in South Korea can easily access the event on the Rakuten Viki streaming site. You can also browse other K-dramas on the site. This is truly a blessing for people living outside South Korea.
The show tells the story of student Lim Ga Kyong (Moon Ga Young), who masters the art of makeup and becomes a goddess on the school campus. Since childhood, he was looked down upon and persecuted for his appearance. Their family members also discriminate against their children. But things changed once she changed and became a beauty queen.

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ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo plays Lee Su Ho, the most popular boy in school. Due to her elegant appearance and pretty face, she is the heart of the school. However, he is not an extrovert. In addition, Su-ho has a cold heart and likes to stay away from chaos. Hwang In-Yeop plays Han Seo Joon. Also, Su-ho, Seo-Joon is another alpha male in school. He’s hot, singsy, and is the perfect definition of “bad boy”. Although considered a bad boy, he is warm and kind.
Next up is Yong Na Park, who plays Kang Kang Su-jin. She is the real beauty of the school campus. She has beauty and brains. But Su-Jin unfortunately became a victim of domestic violence because her parents always tortured her to become the number one person in school. Su-jin also secretly loved Su-ho.

Episode 10: What Happened?

9 episodes of “True Beauty” are out today and fans want more. Don’t worry, new episodes are in progress. After the long awaited confession, Su-ho and Zhu Kyon finally met. But quietly. With no one else knowing about it, fans still expect a lot of drama. Viewers love the new couple’s secret reach. On the other hand, Ju Gyeong and Seo-Joon were having a good time. Of course not romantic. Episode 10 previews look fun, but in the end it amazes us. Spoiler forward.

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We saw students at school in T-shirts with Zhu Kyong and Seo-Hong printed on them. It surprised both of them. And we really don’t know what this is about. We also saw Zhu Kyung take Seo-Joon to his house to find his girlfriend. Su-ho is cooking something. Seo-joon and Su-ho are thought to be connected when cooking food along with the frequent bickering.