Battle of Kimluck Episode 9

Alfred Maynes appears in the middle of the forest and shows that he is Childman. Meanwhile, Orphen and the others are still in the dungeon. Orphen told the others that he remembered the name of the underground passage of Ragnarok Fortress. They said there was a path that led them to the very bottom floor of the cathedral.

Salua revealed that Chillman Powderfield entered the construction site ten years ago. This was the hall of the great poet, and Orphen realized that Asiel had something to do with this place. When they reached the top, the soldiers were waiting for them. Salua couldn’t believe that they were waiting for them in the Hall of the Great Poets.

Release Date Of Episode 9:

On 17th March, 2021, Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Battle of Kimluck Episode 9 launches on Wednesday, on AnimeLab and Funimation.

Recap Of Sorcerous Stabber Orphen: Battle of Kimluck Episode 8:

Kuo appears, praises Salua and asks why he worked with the witch. Claiomh tried to attack, but they could only watch in dismay as their shot hit the crossbar. But Orpheus stops him and informs him that they are still underground; everything can collapse and block them. Kuo reminds Salua that the last time he saw her, he begged for her life. Salua replies that things have changed. He wonders why Quo makes his last audience of the week.
Orphen wanted to know what his last audience was, but Salua was blown up and knocked down. Kuo reminds Salua that he said he would kill her with Madhen’s help. He revealed that they would ask His Majesty to spread the teachings throughout the continent. The soldiers were shocked to hear this from Kuo.
Salua replies that he said tolerable things when being tortured. He reveals that they need witches if they are to destroy the Kimluck Church. The man in front of Kuo was Krilanchelo from the Tower of Teeth. He is a student of Childman Powderfield; Kuo the man is back. Kuo says he is aware of this and that is why he is here.

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Dragons Faiths Sorcery:

Quo starts beating them with Ifrit Skrikes, but according to Salua it’s no big deal. He ordered his troops to kill them. Kuo says Salua deserves to die because he allied himself with the magician Orphen. Salua told Orphen to guard the army and he would look after Kuo. Orphen told Saluo that they had to be careful because he couldn’t use magic.