Train To Busan

South Korean zombie blockbusters get Hollywood treatment …


South Korean blockbuster Train To Busan received a Hollywood remake, and the project already has a director. Timo Tehyanto is in charge of filming for New Line Studio, reports Deadline. The original film, released in 2016, was a zombie apocalypse thriller directed by Yon Sang-ho. Mostly, this occurs on the trains going from Seoul to Busan, as a chemical leak at a biotech plant caused a zombie outbreak in the country. If an infected woman gets on the train unnoticed before leaving the station, the lives of all the passengers on board are suddenly threatened. This film stars Gong Yo, Ma Dong-sok, and Jung Yu-mi. A sequel to the zombie apocalypse Peninsula effect is released in 2020.

About The Director:

Tjahjanto recently directed the Netflix action-thriller The Night Comes for Us and made a name for themselves as the Mo Brothers half with Kimo Stamboel, a pair featuring iconic Indonesian horror and action films such as Macabre and Killers. This will be Tjahjanto’s first Hollywood match.

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Aquaman director James One is co-producing the remake with Gary Dauberman. Wang is also producing the upcoming Mortal Kombat film, which is based on the video game of the same name. Daubman has written several films for New Line, including It and It Chapter Two. The couple will work together again on the adaptation of Stephen King’s upcoming novel, Salem’s Lot, with Dauberman as screenwriter and director, and producer for One. While we wait for the remake of “The Train to Busan” to hit the big screen, check out our list of the best horror films of all time.