Redo Of Healer

“Redo Of Healer” is based on a Japanese fantasy light novel written by Rui Tsukiyo and illustrated by Shiokonbu. This is a gloomy fantasy anime for adults that has drawn attention for its controversial subject. The show focuses on Keyaru or Keyarga, the healing hero who is also known as the “Hero of Recovery”. After suffering indescribable horrors from those who were supposed to be his allies, Keirga restarted the timeline and embarked on a brutal path of revenge. On January 13th, 2021, the series was premiered.

Release Date:

It is expected to premiere on March 3, 2021 on Tokyo MX and related channels. TNK Studios is producing the series. Takuya Asaoka is directing the anime with Kazuyuki Fudeyasu as the main screenwriter. Akia Suzuki, Johannes Nilsson (Team-MAX) and Kenji Fujisawa are composing the music, and Junji Goto is designing the characters. Minami Kuribayashi sang the original theme song “Brutal Dreams and Dreams” and PROJECT PLAN sang the final theme song “If You Can Change the World in Your Dreams”.

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Three anime versions have been created: a censored version for broadcast, an exclusive “Redo” version and an uncensored “Complete Recovery” version. Most networks that broadcast the series will display the broadcast version. Only AT-X shipped the full recovery version at 4 a.m.

Where To Watch???

On HIDIVE ” Redo Of Healer ” episodes are available to stream in English, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Portuguese subtitles on the day they were aired in Japan. In Southeast Asia, anime runs on Bilibili.

Spoiler of Redo Of Healer Episode 8:

In Episode 7, Keyarga arrives at the arena where the people in his village are being held and begins to kill the executioners who have built a magic barrier in hopes that this will destroy his magic. But Keyarga predicted this and sent Freia to reverse the effect of the spell. He was angry when he learned that the villagers had been poisoned. Kiarga finally only managed to save a boy from his village. Freia appeared as a large projection of Flare in front of the crowd and told them what Keyarga Kureha had said earlier. When the mob got angry and killed the executioner, Keirga took the boy and left.