All That You Know About Best Investment Plan Options For 2021 In Stock Market Is Here!!!

All That You Know About Best Investment Plan Options For 2021 In Stock Market Is Here!!!

Best Investment Plan Options For 2021: You have many investment options these days and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. While you need to choose an investment plan based on your risk profile, time horizon, and other factors, some investment platforms offer a great way to start your journey of wealth creation and enrichment. Here we present the most important sectors and executives to focus on in 2021. Let’s get into the sectors and names:

1). IT Sector:

a). HCLTech: The company is seeded on par with other IT specialties like TCS and Infosys, but there’s not much to say.

b). Mahindra Technology: This is another great stock that has great potential due to its aggressive position in combining AI-related services

2). Energy Sector:

As the world progresses towards cleaner fuels, our portfolio must change too. Everyone talks about electric cars and renewable energy, but everyone forgets that this cannot happen all at once. You have to switch from oil to gas and then to renewable energy. The government is also very committed to encouraging the expansion of the gas infrastructure in our country.

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a) Adani Total Gas Ltd: If the company expands and starts at full speed, their revenue will definitely increase and the P/E ratio will decrease.

b) IGL: This is another company that has the potential to play in the energy sector. The company has a monopoly in Delhi and makes a significant contribution to the expansion of Delhi’s gas infrastructure.

3). Manufacturing Sector:

India is seeking to replace China and other South Asian countries as the world’s manufacturing hub and with governments. With the introduction of a number of PLI subsidies for the manufacturing sector, companies in this sector should be able to do well.

a) Dixon Technologies: Multinational manufacturer of electrical products poised to dominate India’s manufacturing landscape

4). Chemical Sector:

a). Pidilite: From the most famous Fevicol to construction adhesives like Dr. Permanent.

b). Alkyl Amines: Great stock to play in a highly specialized segment that requires a lot of innovation and regulatory approvals that give the company a clear edge over its competitors.

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5). Paint Sector:

The paint sector is heavily affected by crude oil prices, but by switching to cleaner fuels, demand for crude oil or its derivatives will decrease. And prices will more or less stabilize at the lower end. The coating industry will certainly benefit from this.

a). Asian Paints: In addition to being a painting company now, the company is also engaged in home decoration and has penetrated many other fields as well to diversify its business.

6). Construction Cement Sector:

If the situation becomes normal and income increases and at the same time housing loans are available at low-interest rates, the housing sector will develop rapidly.

a). Larsen and Toubro: This is a very large construction company as well as the holding company for many of its well-known subsidiaries, so it is a very diversified stock.

b). Ultratech Cement: A major player in the cement production category, a net user of increased construction activity.

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7). Auto Sector:

There is a lot of uncertainty in the automotive sector with the transition from gasoline and diesel vehicles to electric vehicles and the introduction of elimination policies. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict who will be the biggest beneficiary of this change.

a) Maruti Suzuki: The company plans to bring an electric car to the market in 2025, but I suspect that with the help of Suzuki Japan, Maruti can reach its goal more quickly.

b) Tata Motors: The company wants to be debt-free in the coming years and aggressively expects to bring electric cars to market as soon as possible.