Knights of Sidonia Season 3

It’s been five years since fans saw the second season of Knights of Sidonia. They have every reason to be impatient because they love the anime series too much and don’t know when the third season will happen. Netflix surprises all its anime fans with some of the most popular anime series of all time, and Knights of Sidonia is one of the original Netflix series based on the manga of the same name. Tsutomu Nihei created the manga, and this anime is the first of many Netflix original anime series. Although the series is not completely “original”, Netflix has granted an exclusive license to stream the series worldwide.

Will the third season of Knights of Sidonia cover the head of the manga?

OK of course! The source material from which this anime is inspired consists of about 43 of 78 chapters. Although the anime timeline has changed, another source material is close to that of the anime series. Either way, the production team easily had enough content and materials to produce two or three more seasons. The next season of the Knights of Sidonia will likely have 12-14 chapters.

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When can we expect in the third season of the Knights of Sidonia?

One thing is for sure: every time a series is released, it will be number one in Japan before it becomes Netflix. We continue with the start of the anime season – sometime in April or May. When this season airs in Japan, fans can watch it on Netflix for weeks. Since season three has yet to premiere in Japan, summer 2021 is our next best guess.

Do fans like this anime show?

Yes, they really do!

Is there a trailer for the third season of Knights of Sidonia?

Unfortunately, there is no trailer or teaser yet. We can hope to get a trailer when the show comes out.


In the future, the remnants of humanity live in constant fear of being eliminated by aliens. Known as Guana, these Gestalt aliens have targeted humanity for thousands of years. The previous devastation of humanity by Guana had resulted in several fleeing in giant seed ships. The fate of none of the ships is known, except for the Sidon ship with 500,000 souls, which remain of today’s people.

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Sidonia is guarded by a weapon called a guard, which has a special spear that can destroy and extract a Guana core. Nagate Tanikadze, a security pilot, surfaced from the depths of Sidonia after his grandfather’s death and, using his world-class skills, battled Guana and saved humanity from its destruction. The Knights of Sidonia fought against Guana. The only hope for mankind rests in the hands of the Knights of Sidonia.