The Crew 2021

The Crew is an online sitcom that tracks the lives of the engine space crew of the Azureas spacecraft. Office meets Star Trek-style comedy, the show is home to many of the best and brightest web series. The show is currently in pre-production to wrap up the 12-part show.

Major Casts:

Kevin James’s upcoming Netflix NASCAR comedy series has found its crew. Together with James in the 10 episode multi-camera comedy series. “The Crew” is a regular series from which features
• Gary Anthony Williams (“Bless the Hearts American Father!”),
• Dan Ahdot (Baylon Dollars)
• Freddie Stroma (REALEALO)
• Style (Get Shorts, Billions)
• Gillian Mueller (The last beautiful OG woman on Broadway).

James is in the NASCAR garage and will serve as crew chief. When the owner retired and handed the team over to his daughter, James clashed with millennia of technology that had allowed them to modernize the team. Williams will play Chuck. He is very suspicious of technology and has it for the team leader who always seems to destroy his beautiful cars. His new boss was eager to take him out into the meadow, but not many people could start a car with rolls of duct tape and a hammer in the middle of a race.

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When will it be broadcast?

Season 1 arrives on February 15th in which we see Kevin James plays the chief mechanic of the battle racing team in this Jeff Lowell (“The Ranch”) comedy series.


For the head of the NASCAR crew and his cohesive racing team, life in the garage gets off track when a new boss walks in and messes things up. Ahdot will play the role of Amir. She’s worried, and if she has a new boss, it won’t help. She doesn’t want to admit it to Kevin, but she secretly likes the new technology that is penetrating the organization. All of her classmates went to Silicon Valley and became billionaires. She said she wasn’t bitter about it. She was very bitter about that. Stroma is Jake. He has been a team leader for five years. He is charismatic, but not brilliant. He doesn’t know what makes the car drive, but he knows how to drive it. His attitude on the track and in life is simple: disaster or victory.

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Stiles will play Beth. She is angry and loyal to Kevin. You and Kevin were supposed to meet fifteen years ago, but they didn’t, and it’s too late now. That’s why she protects her love life as well as her work life: She has high demands on him and nothing can be better than him. Mueller will play Catherine. He inherited the NASCAR team from his father. He’s grown up with the competition, but it’s a Moneyball-like millennium and he believes the only way this team can survive is through modernization. She was a woman in the world of men so she had to be firm even if it wasn’t her first instinct.