The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a 2021 American sci-fi comedy-drama film directed by Ian Samuels and written by Lev Grossman based on the story of the same name. It shows Catherine Newton and Kyle Allen.

Recap Of Season 1:

Mark, a smart and fast teenager, loves to go through the same day over and over again because of a temporary anomaly (an endless cycle of time). It’s just that Mark (Kyle Allen) is aware of this phenomenon and no one is aware of it. However, his world imagines a 360-degree change, even if the sweet yet mysterious Margaret (Catherine Newton) is in the cycle of time and realizes it. The two of them go on a magical journey to get to know each other and find all the perfect little things that will help them break the cycle of time. Here is a sci-fi romantic drama with a nice twist as they try to find a way to break out of the endless cycle of time.

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Mark and Margaret spend time together. Mark tells him that his father left his job to write a book about the Civil War. He shared his dream of working as a mission specialist for NASA and how he searched for the lost dog. They grew closer, even though Mark was freer than Margaret.

Casts For “The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Season 2”:

The cast of season 1 will return. Some of whom are-
• Kathryn Newton as Margaret
• Kyle Allen as Mark
• Jermaine Harris as Henry
• Anna Mikami as Phoebe
• Josh Hamilton as Daniel
• Cleo Fraser as Emma
• Jorja Fox as Greta
• Al Madrigal as Mr. Pepper


In September 2019 it was announced that Ian Samuels would direct the film from a script by Lev Grossman based on his short story of the same title. In February 2020, Catherine Newton, Kyle Allen, Jermaine Harris, Anna Mikami, Josh Hamilton, and Cleo Fraser joined the cast of the film when Amazon Studios distributed it.

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The main shoot will begin in February 2020. The photo was taken in Fairhope, Alabama.

Release Date For “The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things Season 2”:

The first season will be released on February 12, 2021. And fans are waiting for the second season. However, no official release date had been released so far.

Film reception:

On the Rotten Tomatoes Review Aggregator website, the film received a 77% approval rating based on 66 reviews with a 6.4 / 10 average.