Fatal Attraction Season 10

Fatal Attraction Season 10

A non-fiction Crime American television series “Fatal Attraction” was set to air on TV One. Jupiter Entertainment had produced this series, which captions true crime committed by a partner in a passionate relationship. Malikha Mallette had narrated the show and edited it in a documentary style by the makers. It comprises of Hour-Long episodes, which concentrates on a Dangerous romantic relationship where the sufferers face both physical and emotional abuse.

The show captions interviews with people related to the case and anyone who has first-hand evidence about it. To examine the incidents which led to the crime it closely looks into the commendations and interrogation footage. Also, the show attempts to investigate the outcomes of the disastrous romance. Which results in people perpetrating criminal acts in the name of love. So, if you love to see shows that have crimes of excitement then this is an excellent series for you. Till now, a total of nine episodes has been extended and all previous episodes are available to watch on TV One.

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Release Date of Season 10

Fatal Attraction Season 10
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Season 9 of “Fatal Attraction” was released on 18th November 2020 on TV One. It had 20 episodes like the previous season which ended on 20 April 2020. Till now, TV One has not revived the show for another season. But it is ensured to come back for a new version soon enough. If the series will be renewed, then we can expect season 10 of “Fatal Attraction” to release sometime later this year. That is around December 2020.

Major Cast and Characters

• Malikha Mallette as the Narrator
• Daniel Luce as member of CSI team
• Geoffrey Paschel as Defense Attorney Reed
• Nekia Nichelle as Reporter and Commentator
• Stephen Wesley Green as Adrian Newton

Anticipated plot for Season 10

Season 10 starts with a flashback giving us glimpses of the romance before the actual crime is perpetrated. Once the actual crime is perpetrated, the show substantiates what its dramatized parts are. Over the series, we see how relationship unfurls and how understanding often breeds resentment. Because these relationships morph into something awful and explode in a crime of fascination. Powerful stories are being driven by the show that is even more impactful since they are based in reality. So, when season 10 will be renewed it will accept a similar premise. That will bring forth a lot of awful crimes driven by passion.

No trailer has been released for Season 10 yet. Till you can watch all the episodes of previous seasons on TV One.