Go! Go! Cory Carson

Netflix has brought choices for children, who are unable to watch enormous human horror films. The search for king-size candy bars in Halloween is Cory, Chrissy, and Freddie! However, are all the delights worth a trek to the spooky city side. Sounds exciting!

What is Go Go Cory Carson?

Go! Go! Cory Carson is the American animated child’s TV show, created by Alex Woo and Stanley Moore, based on a line of VTech toy trucks, known as Toot-Toot Cory Carson, United Kingdom, and Australia. 

A mini-special film called Go! Go! Go! Go! Chrissy released on 1 May 2020 Cory Carson: Chrissy. A special one called A Go! Go! Go! Go! On 4 August 2020, Cory Carson Summer Camp was published. A special from Halloween will be released on 2 October 2020.

The voice-over cast of the show

  • Alan C. Lim as Cory Carson, a yellow streaked orange car, star of the show
  • The blue car and mother of Cory and Chrissy, Mama Carson’s Kerry Gudjohnsen
  • Paul Killam, the father of Cory and Chrissy, as Papa Carson, the Yellow Car
  • Maisie Benson like Chrissy Carson, Cory’s tedious younger sister, and a light green car
  • The red fire engine and best friend Cory’s Smith Foreman Freddie Firetruck
  • A blue Helicopter and Cory’s best friend Adelaide Hirasaki, as Hall Copter.
  • Eli Morse like Timmy O’Tool, Kimmy’s brother and Cory’s colleague, a dark, green bulldozer
  • Kimmy O’Tool, a demolition crane orange and a wrecking ball attached to its arm, who is a schoolmate of Cory and a sister of Timmy.
  • The pink coupe with tailfins and a Cory acerbian classmate, Ella Joy Ballesteros as Frannie Fenderson
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Should you skip it or stream it?

The Gist: Cory is an orange little car with nice running bands. Her mother’s blue cup is Kerry Gudjohnsen, his father’s wood-paneled sedan and his small sister (Maisie Benson) is a wee green car.

In Bumperton Hills, they live with a variety of conversational vehicles that have shaped a society that reflects our own, from the training system to our concerns.

Cory heads out to school, Papa, in so many words, voices a common lamentation that children grow up quickly, time passes too fast, and that his son will go on the highway before he understands. And then, his body reaches the junkyard, and his soul reaches the eternal void. This is a lovely day!

“Cory Carson” is a whimsical children’s cartoon about a boy who wants to make new friends at school. When he comes to school, when he meets his school-bus teacher and his new colleagues, Cory feels shy and anxious. Cory gets over his nervousness and makes friends, all perfect as real life.