Amazon Prime Video Introduces

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce websites, catering almost the whole globe. The site got so huge in the past years, that Amazon apart from e-commerce released some more services. Amazon released its branches one of them is music streaming platforms by the name of Prime Music. Not only this, but Amazon also integrated the shopping experience with Artificial Intelligence and yes, Alexa. One of the most successful ventures of Amazon is Prime Videos.

Prime Videos released on September 7, 2006. The OTT streaming platform came out to compete with Netflix and some other streaming giants. The OTT platform gained popularity with time and streamed many movies and original web series, worldwide.

Watch Party Service:

Looking at the COVID scenario, it is tricky to predict the resuming of the theatres. People have started missing, getting together with their friends for a movie. So, Amazon came out with a unique idea of starting Watch Party services. Earlier Facebook started with the watch party function where a certain number of viewers can watch the same content from their own devices simultaneously. Taking the idea, Amazon decided to roll out the Watch Party services for its prime members. 

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The service will be only accessible through desktops. The Watch Party allows up to 100 viewers to get together and watch their favorite content simultaneously. The prime members can host or be the part of the watch party and chat amongst themselves via side chat bar. However, the feature is for now exclusive to the United States’ viewers only. The viewers need to be prime members to avail of this feature, however, they need to be US-based too. There are no extra charges apart from prime membership for the Watch Party Feature.

The Amazon began testing the feature back in April. The OTT service worked with Twitch. Twitch is an online game streaming platform. The creators of Twitch already could stream some of the titles, even before the release of the Watch Party feature of Amazon.

Apart from Amazon, other major OTT streaming platforms like, HULU and HBO are also working on the release of the Watch Party feature.