American Greed Season 14

American Greed ”is known by several names. Some of these include “American Greed: Deception, Rogues and Suckers” and “American Greed: Deception, Schemes, and Broken Dreams.” This is the premiere series that airs on CNBC. The event’s theme covers notorious corporate and financial crimes that shocked the nation. It is made by Kurtis Productions from Chicago. Each script in the series is explained with the help of a narrator, and the famous title covers 13 famous seasons to date. 

American Greed Season 14 Release Dates

American Greed will premiere on August 12, 2019 on CNBC. It ends with the 16th episode on March 9, 2020. All seasons of the series are available on Hulu. The show is currently highly rated and has built a fan base for people who enjoy training for white collared crimes. It follows something as a documentary about real crimes, only here blood is replaced by money and the victim doesn’t have to die, they lose everything they ever worked on. There is no shortage of fraud and financial crime, and for 13 seasons the show has tried to keep its audience updated on the ways in which they risk being exploited by criminals.

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While there are no updates for the new season yet, we are expecting an announcement in the coming months. If American Greed’s season 14 is coming to an end, it will most likely launch in early 2021.

Hosts to American Greed Season 14

American Gray moderated by Stacey Keatsch Jr. He has frequently served as a private investigator or law enforcement officer throughout his career. Telling him about a crime series seemed like the role he deserved. With a flawless career in theater, she has won many awards for her stage performances. He is a recipient of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Detective Mike Hammer, who has appeared in a number of films, TV shows, and audio dramas.

What is American Greed Season 14 all about?

American Greed’s 13th iteration includes 16 cases. Some of these include the student admission scandal organized by Rick Singer, the Fyre Festival, Paul Manafort, the polygamy religious sect, illegal gold imports from South America, scams on television stations in Phoenix, scammers posing as the King of Saudi Arabia, and fake medical equipment for make money. We also get an overview of the actions of payroll loan scam leader Scott Tucker and the pharmaceutical scandal discovered by Barry Cadden. For the upcoming season, this event will continue to focus on fraud and corruption in business and money.