American Housewife Season 5

American Housewife is an American sitcom television series. Sarah Dunn is the creator of the show. Sarah is famous for her novel Secrets to Happiness. The show released on October 11, 2016, on ABC. American Housewife managed to get mixed reviews from the critics and the viewers. It scored 54% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the show did manage to retain an impressive number of viewers and fanbase. The creators of the show decided to renew the show three times after the pilot season.

The latest season four released on September 27, 2019. It commenced recently on May 13, 2020. The fourth season too managed to retain the viewership. The fans are already anticipating the fifth season of the show. Here we will brief you about the recent updates about the American Housewife. Also with the season 5 recent updates.

American Housewife Plot:

Katie Otto is the front of the show. The show revolves around her life. Katie is a dedicated housewife and a perfect mother. She shifts to her new hometown of Westport, Connecticut. Her neighborhood is full of rich and arrogant women. She has to deal with her wealthy and arrogant neighbors while taking care of her family as well. She lives with her husband, Greg, and three daughters.

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Greg is a headstrong university professor. The three daughters possess different distinct characteristics. Taylor is an athletic girl, who is struggling to get into her group. Oliver is ambitious and savvy. Anna is a compulsive child. Katie has two best friends, Doris and Angela. She sometimes seeks their advice when she is over frustrated.

American Housewife Season 5 Updates:

The show although received mixed reviews from the critics, but managed to retain an impressive number of the fanbase.

Looking at the success of the show, the creators have announced the show’s renewal for the fifth season. However, all we know is that the show will come out in 2020. The dates are not yet out.

American Housewife Cast:

  • Katy Mixon as Kate “Katie” Otto
  • Diedrich Bader as Greg Otto
  • Meg Donnelly as Taylor
  • Daniel DiMaggio as Oliver Otto
  • Julia Butters as Anna-Kat Otto
  • Ali Wong as Doris
  • Carly Hughes as Angela