America's Great Divide

America’s Great Divide

The documentary named “America’s Great Divide: From Obama To Trump” consists of two parts. As the name suggests, this documentary is about the political divide in America, namely among the Republican and the Democratic parties. Frontline on PBS has produced this amazing investigative series.

Micheal Kirk and Mike Wiser have written the show. These two main political parties in the United States made great adversaries because of many factors like race, media, and even misinformation. The documentary takes into account events from 2008 to the election of the current President Donald Trump. Michael Kirk has also directed the series and the narration has been done by Will Lyman.

When was this show released?

This documentary came out in PBS on 13th and 14th January In 2020.  In addition to that, this brilliant documentary will be available on Amazon Prime from 1st October 2020. The first season of the series will be available tomorrow. It is quite an interesting watch as it shows the sorry state of the political arena of the US. Polarized politics has given birth to the division that has been acting up for about a decade. Every episode in this series is deep and detailed and each episode runs for about under two hours.

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This comprehensive examination of the political scenario was proposed back in 20th December 2019, and the series came to fruition the year after that. Standing at this point, Obama’s promise of uniting the country is no longer applicable. Instead, by the time his presidency had ended, the country was divided more than ever.

What was the response to the documentary?

Brian Lowery of CNN network had nothing but praise for this series, stating that it will make the viewer wonder whether this nastiness that is associated with the political discourse nowadays can ever be changed. John Doyle from “The Globe and the Mail” thought that the show was often sobering and unnerving as it explores the central threads that led to the election of President Trump. If you enjoy political documentaries, you should give this a watch.