Anne With An E

As of July 2020, Anne with an E have exceeded 1,000,000 (after reaching 600,000 in early June 2020 and 900,000 by July 20), and has closed 1.5 million signatures to date. It is still considered the largest Netflix renaissance campaign in Netflix history. Let’s take a look at Anne’s E resurrection campaign and how you can help.
Last season debuted on Netflix in January 2020, and while there is still more to discuss next season, neither CBC nor Netflix can renew it until season four. The first season came out in March 2017 and was adapted from the classic novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. The series recently celebrated its third birthday with showrunner Moira Wally-Beckett saying:

“Anne Nation, you are the funniest! Thank you for remembering AnnEwithanE, which first aired today 3 years ago. It is very important to remember and congratulate! ” Anne’s third season made headlines again after spending the night at the annual Canada Screen Awards. It received a total of 17 nominations, including Best Actress for Amybeth McNulty and a nomination for the title, Best Drama Series.

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Anne With An E-Timeline Rescue Campaign

Anne E-Timeline Rescue Campaign consists of several basic steps, so I will walk you through a few important steps. Try placing a billboard in York Times Square. Fans also wear pockets and buy billboards all over Canada. There are also reports of fans buying billboards on highways in states like Texas.

How to Participate

A fan tree page has been created in the fan account, and Anne has several options to participate. This includes signing the first petition and asking Netflix for a name.

Will Netflix return Anne with an E season 4?

Despite the cancellation, even if the distance is very long, Netflix or CBC have options to change course. We’ve seen the show’s reverse campaign in the past, and Netflix has always wanted to earn chocolate points with its subscribers.
I think Anne’s best chance is still the title of the movie. However, as previously mentioned, it is unclear if Netflix will be able to do this on its own or if it will require a CBC blessing and / or Canadian involvement. Of course, this is only speculation at the moment, but Its not going to rule out anything at this point.