Aquatop of White Sand

Release Date:

The Aquatop of White Sand Anime will be released in July 2021.

About The Anime:

The director of the new series is Toshia Shinohara (“Nagi no Asukara”, “IRODUKU: The World in Colors”) at Studio P.A. Work. Yuko Kakihara (“Cells at Work!”) Wrote the script, while Yuki Akiyama (“IRODUKU: The World in Colors”) adapted the original character designs of U35 (“Lapis Re: LiGHTs”) and served as animation director.
Yoshiaki Deva (“Flying Witch”, “IRODUKU: World of Color”) is in charge of musical accompaniment. The film stars Miku Itu (Miku Nakano in “The Five Quintescents”) as Kukuru Misakino and Rikako Aida (Rico Sakurauchi in “Live Love! Sun !!”) as Fuka Miyazawa. Japanese television release scheduled for July 2021.

Aquatope of White Sand  Storyline:

“Aquatop of White Sand” is supposed to tell the story of the meeting between two girls Kukuru Misakino and Fuuka Miyazawa, who find magic in an aquarium in Okinawa. You can watch the first promo video both visually and visually.

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Aquatope of White Sand Plotline:

Gama Gama Aquarium, a small aquarium in Okinawa, is an hour’s drive from Naha. Kukuru Misakino is an 18-year former learner who helps there and understands the aquarium’s “secret”: Sometimes you can see unusual stuff.
One day, Kukuru met Fuuka, who was standing in front of the water tank with puffed hair and tears on her cheeks. Fuuka abstained from her fantasy of evolving an idol and fled Tokyo to Okinawa.
Looking for a place to live, Fuuka wants to be able to work in an aquarium. The story follows Kukuru and Fuuka as they tackle the secrets of the aquarium and the impending crisis due to a possible closure.