Archer Season 11

About Archer Season 11

Adam Reed has created an animated comedy show called Archer. It was first premiered in the network FW. It follows the activities of a dysfunctional intelligence agency. The titular character is the head of the agency and he is voiced by H. Joe Benjamin. The show manages to entertain its viewers through the escapades of Archer and his team. As the series progresses, the show depicts more characters and their arcs. The show had started back in 2009 and has ten seasons till now. The show has made its name through witty dialogue and meta-comedy. It seems heavily influenced by the James Bond franchise.

Plot Archer Season 11

Ironically, the intelligence agency is named International Secret Intelligence Service, or ISIS. The show is centered around Archer and his dysfunctional colleagues. The show’s protagonist is Archer who an extremely inappropriate, womanizing narcissist. His love interest is Lana Kane and she is by far the most professional employee of the ISIS. As the show went on, several supporting characters were introduced and some of them even had extensive roles in numerous episodes. The initial seasons of Archer took place in a setting resembling the Cold war period. But as the series had more seasons, Reed tried to explore other comedy concepts.

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Archer Dreamland is the name of the show’s eighth season, which features Archer’s subconscious. The show’s entire cast is portrayed as characters from a noir film set. The very next ninth season again reimagines the core characters as people of the South Pacific circa in the 40s. The 10th season is set in the future with the core characters existing in outer space.

When will season 11 be released?

Season 11 will have eight episodes. It was going to be released in May but unfortunately, Archer got delayed because of COVID-19. It is now scheduled to be released on 16th September. Archer will finally emerge from his coma, but he will find that the people around him have changed significantly. Fans are very excited about the upcoming season and Archer will not disappoint them.