“Are You The One?” is sometimes called by its short form “AYTO”.  It is a reality television series, and it is mostly shot in America. It premieres on MTV. It is about a couple of young people trying to find love in their lives. The catch is a matching algorithm that predicts the perfect match for these contestants from before and in the show, the participants try to figure out who their “match” is. If they succeed in figuring out who their partner is meant to be, the cash prize for them is $1 million. The show was presented by Ryan Devlin for the first few seasons, but after that Terrence J took over as the host. The opening theme song for this reality tv show is a show called Smooth Hands. We have had eight seasons till now and the fans of this series are looking forward to the ninth installment. All the couples in the show for the first few seasons were male-female but for the last season, the match was not constrained by gender. MTV is always successful in bringing amazing and delectable shows to its audience and it hasn’t failed with this one either. This series may not be something that makes you think a lot, but it can be considered a guilty pleasure. Who wouldn’t want to watch attractive young people in a house as they try and find their partners? The tension rises as the group tries to find their correct partner determined by the algorithm and if they are correct the entire group walks away with an enormous cash prize. This show is not meaningful per se, but it is really entertaining.

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The last season of the show was bold as it tried to break down boundaries imposed by society. A positive attitude was the theme for the last season of “Are You The One?”.  The show had stressed on the importance of effort in including sexually fluid contestants in the competition. The eighth season had twenty contestants and some of them were Asha Welles, Amber Martinez, James Brown, Jonathan Short, Kai Wes, Basit Shittu, and many more. Nothing is known about the season 9 participants as of now.