Attack on Titan Chapter 136


Attack on Titan Chapter 135 spoilers and leaks have revealed everything we need to know about the head. Enthusiasts now expect to learn how compassion will live against the indomitable Titan producer. Let’s take a look at everything we know about Attack on Titan. Chapter 136 Release Date and Spoiler.
Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Aired Date:

On January 9th, 2021, Attack on Titan Chapter 136 will be released. Any modifications to the recent release date will be revised according to the authorized announcement. As we all realize that 2021 has a number of manga divisions that will wow us. The final season of AOT anime came out today and got an overwhelming response from fans. Let’s hold for anime observers to discover the narrative of the manga and discern how they respond. You are in shock from your life. More evidence on Attack on Titan Chapter 136 can be organized here.

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Previous Chapter Synopsis

Titan’s entire exploration and armored hull battles with all the giants on the backbone of Titan’s founder. You can’t discover Zeke in the carcass of the Titan Beast because he’s concealing like a Titan with a fighting hammer. By another Titan, Armin is consumed but is not wounded at all. Instead, he was captured by the Titan to prevent him from turning into a colossal Titan.

Cart Titan moves with explosives behind the founder titan. But it didn’t explode because the Warhammer Titan Cart stabbed Titan, rendering him immobile. Unexpectedly 9 various giants occurred and battled depending on the circumstance. They are the 9 real giants. The 9 real giants can effortlessly be established by the fundamental titan and other spontaneous giants. By the colossal titan, the armored titanium was consumed, but Rainer was protected in the end. It was stuck and couldn’t move. Levy was painfully injured and was on the brink of not earning an entire comeback. Then, he sprained his arm with titanium and forfeited his existence. When all wish was forfeited, the running titan arrived at the liberation. To everyone’s surprise, it was Annie who piloted the Flying Titan – End of Chapter.

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Attack on Titan Chapter 136: Leaks And Spoilers

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 The raw spoilers and scans are yet to come out. Just the prior chapter arrived and the enthusiasts were crazy because there was no means to win against Founding Titan. What strategy will you develop next? Is Armin Still Alive? Can Rainer become an armored Titan again? Will Levi Die? Has Mikasa gone crazy? – We hope to find the answers to all of these questions in Attack on Titan Chapter 136.