Attack On Titan Chapter 136

Attack on Titan Chapter 135 spoilers and leaks have revealed everything we need to know about the head. Fans now want to know how humanity will stand against the invincible Titan founder. Let’s take a look at everything we know about Attack on Titan. Chapter 136 Release Date and Spoiler.

Attack On Titan Chapter 136 Release Date

On January 9, 2021, Attack on Titan Chapter 136 will be released. Any changes to the current release date will be updated according to the official news. As we all know, 2021 has a number of manga chapters that will wow us. The final season of AOT anime came out today and got a great response from fans. Let’s wait for anime watchers to find out the chronology of the manga and see how they react. You are in shock from your life. More information on Attack on Titan Chapter 136 can be found here.

Synopsis Of Chapter 135

The entire exploration hull and the armored Titan fought with all the giants on the backbone of Titan’s founder. You can’t find Zeke in the body of the Titan Beast because he’s hiding like a Titan with a battle hammer.

Armin is eaten by another Titan, but is not injured at all. Instead, he was captured by the Titan to prevent him from going to the Colossal Titan. Cart Titan moves with explosives on the back of the titan founder. But it didn’t explode because the Warhammer Titan Cart spat titanium, immobilizing it. Suddenly 9 different giants appeared and fought depending on the situation. They are actually the 9 real giants. The basic Titan can easily create 9 real giants and other random giants.

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The armored titanium was eaten by the colossal titan, but Rainer was saved in the end. It was stuck and couldn’t move. Levy was badly injured and was on the verge of not making a full recovery. He then sprained his leg with titanium and lost his life. When all hope was lost, the flying titan came to the rescue. To everyone’s surprise, it was Annie who piloted the Flying Titan – End of Head.

Manga Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Updates

The Attack on Titan is now only 1%-2% series that need to be completed. In order to fully understand the essence of Attack on Titan Chapter 135, we advise you to read the manga officially before its scheduled release date.

Attack on Titan Chapter 136 Attack – Spoilers and Leaks

Attack On Titan Chapter 136 spoilers and raw scans are yet to come out. The previous chapter just came out and the fans were crazy because there was no way to beat Founding Titan. What strategy will you develop next? Is Armin Still Alive? Can Rainer become an armored Titan again? Will Levi Die? Has Mikasa gone crazy? – We hope to find the answers to all of these questions in Attack on Titan Chapter 136.