Attack On Titan Season 4

The fourth and final season of the Attack on Titan television anime series, titled Attack on Titan: Last Season, is produced by MAPPA, directed by Jun Shishido and directed by Yuchiro Hayashi, and replaces Tetsuro Araki and Masashi Koizu, respectively. Screenwriter Hiroshi Seko took over series composition from Yasuko Kobayashi, and Tomohiro Kishi replaced Kyōji Asano as character designer due to series changes from the production studio. This season includes the rainbow “Marley” (chapters 91-106) and “War of the Parades” (chapters 107-116) from Hajime Isayama’s original manga.

Release Date 

The release date for Attack on Titan Season 4, Episode 15 is set for Monday, March 22, 2021 at 12:10 PM JST, according to official anime sources. A new episode of Attack on Titan 15 is released every Sunday, and this week they have the same schedule.

Attack On Titan Season 4

Where To Watch???

We will advise our fans to legally watch the Attack On Titan manga series and assist the creators. The attack on Titan S04 E14 can be viewed online from the following sources.
• Crunchyroll
• Funimation
• Hulu

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Read More About Attack On Titan Episode 15:

One hundred years ago, the hominids were almost annihilated by a creature that the giant had nearly crushed, forcing them to gather behind an immense defense. To ensure their survival, the survivors built walls around the rest of the planet. This was their only method of dealing with the giants, and it had saved them from hundreds of years of attack.
After losing his family to the Titans attack, Eren devotes his life to eliminating the Titans and joins the Survey Corps, which defends all of humanity outside the walls. Based on the critically acclaimed manga, Attack on Titan follows childhood friends Eren and Mikasa as they join Clash of the Titans to learn how to defeat them before conquering the final stronghold.

Episode 14 Summary:

Centuries ago, monstrous humanoid creatures called titans slaughtered people who were near extinction, forcing people to hide behind large, concentrated walls of fear. What is truly terrifying about these giants is that their appetite for humans arises not from hunger but from pleasure. The remains of humanity began living without protective barriers to ensure their survival, resulting in a century without a single encounter with the Titan. However, that fragile calm was about to be broken when the colossal giant broke through the supposedly irreversible outer wall and continued the fight against man-made cruelty.