audi q7 2020

If you want a new SUV to take the family around and sometimes enjoy the road, here’s the Audi Q7. The 2020 model received several updates.

Audi signs a  turbocharged V-6 engine producing 335 horsepower, driven by the Quattro all-wheel-drive system. Inside they are treating the occupants to a carefully assembled interior with many technological features. It has three standard digital displays in the first row. The Q7 takes on the same level of driving pleasure from head to head. Meanwhile, in the harsh competition such as the BMW X5, the Mercedes-Benz GLE class, and the Volvo XC 90.

What is really innovative this year?

This year, a comprehensive facing lift is provided in Q7. This includes updated exterior styles, additional technology features inside and an optional new turbocharged V-6 engine. On top of a secondary display that handles vehicle adjustments and climatic control. The 2020 Q7 also takes the 2-row Q8 SUV’s heavy-duty touchscreen interior. The digital gauge displays Virtual Cockpit from Audi is also standard today, with an optional wireless smartphone loading bag.

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Audi Q7 2020: Pricing

We will leave your choice between the turbocharged four “45” and the turbocharged V-6 “55” models. But we recommend taking the Premium Plus mid-range at least. Since it offers extra luxury features that most purchasers in the segment want. For the drivers, the Adaptive Chassis package is optionally available. It includes an adjustable air suspension and 4-wheel drive that turns the Q7 into a sporty SUV that handles easily. Sadly, this package is only available for the Prestige trim on the top level. However, making the Q7 driver an expensive prospect.

Audi Q7 2020: Performance

In 2020, Audi maintained the old 248-hp four-cylinder turbocharged engine. But adding a new 3,0-liter V-6 turbocharged, which uses the 48-voltage, 335 hours hybrid system. In Q7, the new turbo V-6 was not tested. But in Q8, our experience was quick performance. Despite the bulk, it feels light and low, as is a pumped-up sports car. When the Q7 has optional performance tyres on 21-inch wheels. The optional air suspension adjustability coupled with additional 4wheel steering agility. Consequently, it’s incredibly fun to fly a twisty back road in the Q7.