Miracle Workers: Will there be a season 3? Get to know about all the details here!

miracle workers season 3

Simon Rich, an American humorist, has created the novel called “What in God’s Name” in 2012. That story served as the inspiration for the first season of Miracle Workers. It is a comedy show created by Simon Rich himself. We have had 2 seasons of the show to date. The season is based on “Revolution”, … Read more

The Twilight Zone: When will part 3 release? Get to know about the expected release dates right here!!

the twilight zone season 3

The 2019 remake of Twilight Zone is based in the popular show “Twilight Zone” in 1959. In this recent one, Simon Kinberg, Jordan Peele, and Marco Ramirez have developed it. The show is produced by MonkeypawProductions, where Peele happens to be an executive producer. The series made its debut on 1st April 2019. It was … Read more

Want to find out more about Little Witch Academia: VR Broom Racing? You have come to the right place!

Little Witch Academia

Well, riding in broomsticks and flying away has been a secret wish of many, especially after the Harry Potter series became popular. Our inner child was probably disappointed when it was clear that it was never going to happen. Don’t be too sure though! Through the Japanese studio UNIVRS, Inc. and the developed technology of … Read more

Want to know more about the animation of Kapibara-san? Read to know about recent updates!!


The company named Bandai Spirits has always aimed to be the best innovator in the sphere of global entertainment. While the world mostly knew capybaras as being the “largest rodent”, the giant toy company Bandai made the capybara as a cute character, and now, most of the items have the face of that characters. Kapibara-san … Read more

Aggretsuko: Will our favorite comedy show be back for more? Keep reading to get all the details!!

aggretsuko season 3

Aggretsuko anime is also known by its initial Japanese name “Aggressive Retsuko”.The show is a comedy based on a character made for Sanrio. It is a Japanese company specializing in product concerning the kawaii culture in Japan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRIYmYHS_Bk The character of Aggretsuko was first shown in a series of animated shorts. Eventually, an anime show … Read more

Death Note: Will there be a season 2? Get to know about the release date here!

death note season 2

TsugumiOhba has written a manga series called “Death Note” and Takeshi Obata has illustrated it. The manga got popular enough to deserve an anime adaptation and the anime was aired on 3rd October in Japan. Madhouse, a Japanese animation studio, has developed the series. Tetsuro Araki has directed the show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkoT2W5SI8Y The production team includes … Read more

Rust Valley Restorers: Will there be a season 3? Learn about release dates and everything else there is to know about it

Rust Valley Restorers Season 3

Mayhem Entertainment and Corus Entertainment have produced a documentary series called Rust Valley Restorers for the “History” channel. The show was also shown on D’Tour, a Canadian English television channel. There are 2 seasons of the show till now. Rust Valley Restorers made its debut on 6th December 2018. This automobile themed show is a … Read more

Trinkets Season 3: Will the show is back with a third season? Read to know more about it!

Trinkets Season 3

Kristen Smith is a famous novelist and screenwriter who has already created big hits like Legally Blonde and Ella Enchanted. Now, her novel called “Trinkets”, written in 2013, ks adapted into a television show. Amy Andelson, Kristen Smith, and Emily Meyer have created the teen drama with the same name. Trinkets made its debut on … Read more

Record of Youth: When will it release? Find out all about the recent updates right here!!

record of youth

K-dramas are very popular right now and everyone seems to be binging them. There are exciting new dramas that are going to be released this year and “Record of Youth” happens to be one of them. This show was also called “The Moment” in the early stages. The drama is directed by Ahn Gil-Ho. The … Read more

Wizards Tales of Arcadia Season 2: Will they have a second season? Get to know everything here!!

wizards tales of arcadia season 2

Guillermo Del Toro has created a fantasy animated series called Wizards: Tales of Arcadia. The show is jointly produced by DreamWorks Animation Television and Double DareYou Productions. Del Toro had created a series called Tales of Arcadia and this one happens to be the third installment of the series. This was preceded by Trollhunters and … Read more