Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 15

Kentaro Yabuki had written and illustrated the Japanese manga series ‘ Ayakashi Triangle ‘. Since June 2020 it has been serialized in Publisher Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine.
The genre of the series comprises of Romantic Comedy and Fantasy.

This manga series contracts with the ninjas and exorcism and comes with a heavy dose of fan service and a huge surprise at the end.

When will chapter 15 of Ayakashi Triangle be released?

Ayakashi Triangle Chapter 15th is scheduled to release on 4th October 2020.In chapter 15, we will be focusing on the relationship between the trio and we might be introduced to the first real evil villain.

What is the plotline of the series?

The story revolves around two childhood friends Matsuri Kazamaki and Suzu Kanade who share the ability to see Ayakashi, the spirits that are invisible to many people.
A descendant of the line of exorcist ninja Matsuri protects people from evil Ayakashi. Whereas, Suzu is an Ayakashi medium a rare type of human who over secrets life force and thus attracts many Ayakashi.  But, Matsuri understands Suzu’s growing power will certainly bring Ayakashi to try to eat her to get more power, so he decides to protect Suzu by exorcising the evil Ayakashi that reach her.

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After a year when Matsuri and Suzu were to start high school, Suzu is attacked by the king of Ayakashi, Shirogane but is protected by Matsuri. Matsuri seals away most of his powers into a scroll as the king was unable to beat him, but before he does Shirogane puts a curse on Matsuri that turns him into a girl. Matsuri thought that this modification will ruin them so they decided to become a couple in the future. Suzu assists Matsuri to adapt to his new life as a girl. Whereas Shirogane plans to get back his power and eat Suzu.

Major Characters in the series:

• Matsuri Kazamaki
• Suzu Kanade
• Shirogane
• Soga Ninokuru
• Seigen Kazamaki
• Yayoi Toba and Lucy Tsukioka
• Masurao Sujimori
• Garaku Utagawa

Where can the fans Read Chapter 15 of Ayakashi Triangle?

Ayakashi Triangle manga all the chapters are available to watch for free on VizMedia and Mangaplus.
Moreover, we highly criticize the use of streaming anime and reading manga on an unofficial site. Every Sunday or Monday a new chapter comes out.