Backstreet Rookie episode 6

Backstreet Rookie is a Korean Rom-Com television web series. The show is the adoption of the webtoon Convenience Store Saet-byul.  Son Geun-Joo is the writer of the show. The show premiered on June 19, 2020. International K-Drama fans can stream to the ongoing series on iQIYI with multi-languages subtitles. The season will comprise of 16 episodes in total.

About the show:

The show runs around the protagonist, Choi Dae-Hyun. Choi is passing from an alley after being dumped by his girlfriend. He passes a bunch of high-school girls perching by the side of the road. One of those girls, Jung Saet-Byul gets a crush on him immediately. The girls approach him to buy them a pack of cigarettes. Instead of buying them what they want, Choi Dae-Hyun starts scolding the girls. According to him, all the girls are stupid and they cannot understand anything. Anyways, Jung Saet-Byul gets attracted to the looks of Choi and kisses him.

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Three years later, Choi opens up a convenience store, as the responsibility of his family falls on his head. The store is visited mainly by high school girls who have a crush on Choi. They visit the store just to click a selfie with him. The store does not make much money. Also, Choi works too hard at the store. One day, he decides to put up a sign for part-time workers for the store. One day, Jung Saet-Byul, who is an adult now, enters the store. Apart from this, she also applies for the job.

As she starts working there, the chemistry between the two starts to develop.

Update on Episode 6:

The fifth episode of the show received many complaints regarding the story setting. The sexual content stirred controversies. Many of the Korean audience pleaded to stop the further release of the show. The episode received the lowest of the ratings. After this, the chances of the sixth episode became bleak. But the producers recently announced that the sixth episode will come back with a bang!

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The sixth episode will hit the screens in July itself! The show will commence by August 2020.


  • Ji Chang-Wook as Choi Dae-Hyun
  • Kim Yoo-jung as Jung Saet-byul
  • Han Sun-hwa as Yoo Yeon-joo
  • Do Sang-woo as Jo Seung-joon