Bad Boys Season 3

Bad Boys is an American action movie franchise. George Gallo is the creator of the movie. The first part of the movie released in 1995. The initial part of the movie received mixed reviews from the critics. However, the audience loved the chemistry between the stars of the movie, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. The second part of the movie released in 2003. This part of the movie failed to meet the expectations of the fans. In 2004, after the VHS and DVD release of the movie, a videogame, Bad Boys: Miami Takedownreleased. The spin-off series of the movie, L.A.’s Finestreleased on May 13, 2019.

The third part of the movie released recently on January 17, 2020. Adil & Bilall are the directors of the third part of the saga. In the third part, Bad Boys for Life managed to get positive reviews from the critics. The Bad Boys saga collectively grossed over $840 million worldwide. 

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Bad Boys For Life Plot:

The third part of the movie’s original release date was February 17, 2017. But, due to some circumstances, the release date of the film kept on postponing. Finally, it released on January 17, 2020. The third part of the saga managed to receive positive remarks from the critics.

Bad Boys for Life follows the classic duo of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett. They are the detective Miami Police Department. Marcus decides to retire from the service to finally enjoy his life. Mike gets shot by someone and gets hospitalized for six months. Mike sets out for revenge on the shooter. He approaches Marcus, who is enjoying his retired life with his family and grandson. After persuading Marcus for a long time, he agrees for a final mission. Thus, rebooting Bad Boys.

Bad Boys Future:

The third part of the movie did test the patience of the fans. Finally, the movie released on January 17, 2020. The creators have announced that the movie will return for the fourth part. Chris Bremmer will be the screenwriter of the fourth part.

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Bad Boys for Life Cast:

  • Will Smith as Detective Lieutenant Michael Eugene “Mike” Lowrey
  • Martin Lawrence as Detective Lieutenant Marcus Miles Burnett
  • Paola Núñez as Rita Secada
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Kelly
  • Alexander Ludwig as Dorn
  • Charles Melton as Rafe
  • Jacob Scipio as Armando Aretas
  • Kate del Castillo as Isabel “La Bruja” Aretas
  • Nicky Jam as Lorenzo “Zway-Lo” Rodríguez
  • Joe Pantoliano as Captain Conrad Howard
  • Theresa Randle as Theresa Burnett
  • Massi Furlan as Lee Taglin
  • Dennis Greene as Reggie
  • Bianca Bethune as Megan Burnett
  • Michael Bay as Wedding MC
  • DJ Khaled as Manny the Butcher