Bad Mothers Season 2

Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan have created an Australian series called “Bad Mothers”. It was premiered on 18th February. The show is about five women, whose lives are entangled through strange events. Lives can take a turn because of sudden events and this show is a great example of that idea. The writers of this show are Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan, Sarah Walker, and Tim Lee. Season 1 only has 8 episodes.

What is the show exactly about?

This show is centered around Sarah, whose blissful domestic life is destroyed when her husband has an affair. To add to this betrayal, her husband cheats with her best friend Charlotte. Being removed from her present social circle,  Sarah finds support in an unlikely group of women named “Bad Mothers”. Their plans for revenge turn out to have deadly consequences. Bad mothers are exactly what the name sounds like.  They are a group of women who are often clueless about the whereabouts of their kids. It’s no shock because they are often found to be nursing hangovers. “Bad Mothers” has aired on Nine Network in Australia. Sundance Now has the show so it is also available to the US audience.

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What about season 2?

The first season of Bad Mothers has aired in 2019 and it has also been premiered in Sundance Now. The show has been praised by the critics for the talented cast and the script as well. The show absolutely should have another season. If the network decides to go ahead with the renewal, then the fans may expect the new season by next year. Obviously, it will be released later in the US. Bad Mothers does a good job of depicting modern motherhood in a humorous way. Season one showed us the death of Charlotte. The police arrest Anton for the crime. But he says that he wasn’t involved in it so Sarah decides to investigate the matter again.

Who is in the cast?

Melissa George as Charlotte

Tess Haubrich as Sarah

Daniel MacPherson as Anton

Don Hany as Kyle