bang dream season 4

Bang Dream season 3 was soo good and the performance was really awesome which makes the audience wonder if there will be a season 4 or not. The Japanese music media franchise Bang Dream which was also known as Bandari was owned by Bushiroad. This was created by Bushiroad president Takaaki Kidani with an original story written by Lo Nakamura.

At first, the project began as a manga before expanding to other media.  It was first premiered all over on January 21, 2017, on Abema Tv. It was a 30-minute animation series. The series includes an anime television series, singles and albums, live concerts, and mobile rhythm game like all other manga. The genre of the series is music. The show has a dozen characters but the members of the Poppin Party serve as the main characters in the show which include Kasumi Toyama, Tae Hanazono, Rimi Ushigome, Saya Yamabuki, and Arisa Ichigaya.

A short synopsis of Bang Dream

The show moves around the popping party and its movement as a band. Kasumi Toyama, a very young girl who has always been searching for the Star Beats glowing and fascinating sound which she used to hear while looking up at the night sky. Soon after getting into high school, Kasumi comes across a star-shaped guitar in the warehouse area of an old puppet shop. Kasumi has never felt this kind of rush and excitement before and founded a team for her bang.

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When will season 4 be released?

The third season of the series was released on January 7, 2020. And the fans are waiting for its fourth season. Till now there is no update regarding the release date of the 4th season but according to the sources it will be released soon.

The show becomes popular among the fans and considering the popularity of the show it was expected that the studio will not end at season 3 and would continue the series for more seasons. The creator of the series was forced to create an English dub of the show for international fans despite the difficulties faced in translating songs. The English dub was available to watch online on HIDIVE and released on television by Animax Asia.