Barbarians Season 2

“Barbarians” is the original German version on Netflix which was hugely popular and now fans are looking forward to a second season. Jan Martin Scharf and Arne Nolting were the creators of this historical drama and even put the Vikings in stiff competition. Here’s everything you need to know about season two of the barbarians.

What is the status update of “Barbarians”?

The show was originally created for a season. But after seeing its popularity. The show got the main reason to think about the upcoming season. News of the updates came fast even though the first season didn’t come out until October 23rd. Netflix has not released a revival or a cancellation of the show yet.

What story follows the second season of the “ Barbarians”?

The Barbarians have many options for returning with Season 2. German tribes unite over Arminius and Tasonelda to fight against three Roman legions. The Roman Empire faced defeat and the battle was a huge success. In this way, Thusnelda and Arminius would most likely claim the throne as kings and queens of all the united Germanic tribes. One of the possible conspiracies that will follow season two is the conflict in their home and the struggles they will have with that decision.

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On the other hand, history could haunt Tiberius, the emperor of Rome, and was busy organizing new armies to fight against the Germanic tribes. Arminius also had to face Germanicus, who was going to command another Roman legion. This is to repay the humiliation in battle. Folk will also play an important role in the second half when Tasonelda lost to Arminius. Folkwin also threatened to kill Arminius if Arminius became king of Germany because of the ridicule he experienced. Folkwin characters are seen a lot in the first season. By saving the life of his best friend who married his love, he united the tribe and won the war. We also cannot forget the king and queen. Which was devastating for Folkvin because he saw the same dream for himself and Tasonelda.

Release Date

Production of the first season took place in Budapest and filming took place in September 2019. The show took nearly a year to complete filming, production and launch on Netflix.
Due to the lack of positive news about the status of the update, it is not easy to know when the second season will be available. However, speculation suggests that the premiere will take place in late 2021.

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Barbarians are proud creations, and creators are happy to say something like that. The shows are impressive and a lot more could happen in the coming season.