Barbarians' Season 2

The Barbarians, Netflix’s answer to Vikings, took everyone by surprise. And became one of the most popular in early 2020. Their immediate popularity paved the way for the official Netflix update for the second season series. We’ll be tracking everything related to the second season of Barbarians, including the estimated shooting date and Netflix release date.
“Barbarians” is a German original Netflix historical drama. Jan Martin Scharf and Arne Nolting had created the series. Since its release on Netflix, Barbarians has been the most popular German Netflix to date.

Renewal Status Of “Barbarians” Season 2

It took a really short time. But now we can confirm that the barbarians on Netflix have officially extended! The news was announced by several European Netflix Twitter accounts such as France and Germany. The Barbarians continue their work in various regions of the world. But the series still hits the top 10 in the United States as of November 5. The greatest barbarian in the US came in second, losing to The Queen’s Gambit. Barbarians have also infiltrated every single top 10 list in the world on Netflix. If this doesn’t lead to a series update, then nothing!

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What To Expect From Season 2?

There is much to be done since the end of the first barbarian season. Thanks to his story. 

A barbarian king?

The raid was a huge success and an embarrassing defeat for the Roman Empire. After the great victory, it was even more likely that Arminius and Tasonelda would claim the titles of King and Queen of the Tribes.

The anger of Rome?

The war with Rome is far from over, and historically more battles lie ahead.

The Folkwin Wolfspeer Betrayal?

After almost becoming a Roman slave and losing Tasonelda to Arminius. Folkwin was very far from a partner. Although Arminius offers to make Folkwin prince if he is crowned king. The latter takes this as an insult and expresses his intention to kill Arminius if he becomes king of Germany.

Release Date

Thanks to a tweet from a crew member. We learned that the filming of the barbarians took place in Budapest in September 2019. Given the length of time between filming and the release of the show. The wait for a new season can belong. It’s unclear whether the time of year will have a significant impact on the shooting schedule. Also, if production doesn’t start until the summer of 2021. We can’t expect to see even a second of barbarians until 2022.