Barkskins Season 2

This is a drama series that is based on a novel called “Barkskins”. It was written by the American writer Annie Proulx. The series has the same name as the novel and it is created by Elwood Reid. Barkskins made its debut on National Geographic on 25th May. We only have one season till now, which consists of eight episodes. The series id=s a historical fiction and narrates the story of the arrival of colonists in France. The show progresses its story through the two immigrants, who are trapped in a life of servitude in an unknown land. Barkskins has received good reviews and critical acclaim. Even though the first season was just released a couple of months back, fans are eager for the second season.

When will the second season be here?

The last episode of Barkskins aired on 15th June 2020. Season 1 had a cliffhanger at the ned which left the fans wanting closure. There is no want of material as much because the book has a lot of content left which has not been adopted yet. To be more precise, the book still has 800+ pages of unadapted content. The second season of Barkskin is assumed to be released in the next year. Fans just have to put a lid on their curiosity till 2021.

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What about the plot?

As mentioned above, the story till season 1 leaves a lot of huge cliffhangers and season 2 has a lot of explaining to do. The Iroquois will go forward with their attack on Wobik, and the audience is still in the dark about who survives and who doesn’t. The question of Hamish’s survival is still present. Will Renardette save him?

As you see, season 2 has a lot of loose ends to tie up.

What about the cast of the show?

Christian Cooke and James Bloor play the two most important characters of the show, namely Rene Sel and Charles Duquet respectively. They are the two immigrants who are fated to work as slaves in France. The other people in the cast are Aneurin Barnard, David Thewlis, and David Wilmot.