Baxu and the Giants

Baxu and the Giants

In 2019, Baxu and the Giants will be a bilingual film by Florian Schott in Namibia. The film stars Camilla Jo-Ann Diaries and Steven Afrikaner. The film’s theme is wilderness in modern rural Namibia. On 14 September 2019, the film was released. It was considered to be one of Namibia’s most anticipated films in 2019 before the movie was released.

It was critically applauded by the critics for its editing and film. In a few international film festivals, it was also premiere. The film parts were shot in the region of Tubus and Erongo. The film won several international film festival prizes and nominations. Netflix will be presented on 30 September by several award-winner Namibian films, “Baxu and the giants” which show how vital it is to save Namibian rhinos.

Baxu and the Giants All About

The movie follows the life of Baxu, a nine-year-old girl who lives a tranquil life in rural Namibia with her older brother Jata and an alcoholic grandmother until strange men come out to make a village change. First, the neighbor begins to be suspect, then Baxu notices changes in the home. Baxu investigates and learns that her brother has just started to poach, with the aim of improving her family’s living conditions, to find out what Khata is hiding from her.

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Baxu must make a tough decision – is she going to remain quiet or is she going to hear the rhinos and giants of the Savannah who they speak to in her dreams? This film was commissioned by the Legal Assistance Centre, directed, co-written, and co-created by Florian Schott (“Katutura”) and co-written by Girley Jazama (“The White Line”) and produced by the Mamokobo-based video and research firm Andrew Botella.


  • Steven Afrikaner as the main hunter
  • Camilla Jo-Ann Diaries as Baxu
  • Anna Louw as Ouma
  • Robert Hara Gaeb as the neighbor
  • Wafeeq Narimah as Khata
  • Ashwyn Mberi as King Rhino
  • West Uarije as Himba Tracker

The movie premiered in more than 20 festival events and 10 countries around the globe before Netflix came to the RapidLion Film Festival with the support of a South African sales agent. Believe everyone, this feature film on Netflix will not be missed.