Beelzebub Season 2

Beelzebub Season 2

Like many anime shows, this one is also originated from a Japanese manga series. Ryuhei Tamura has written and illustrated the manga series called “Beelzebub”. The manga was first published in the form of a one-shot, appearing in the Weekly Shonen Jump. Later on, the manga was serialized and after that adapted into an anime show. This show is one of those rare comedy shows that can actually make you laugh out loud. The story of the anime is not too serious and this is one of the strong points of the anime. Beelzebub had proved that it can deliver good content consistently throughout all of those sixty episodes. There will be a few moments where the viewers might feel a bit of a drag but overall the show lives up to its good reviews.

What about season 2?

The first season of the show came out on 9th January 2011. The wait for another installment has been a long one. This show has a lot of special episodes too, and the fans have been making requests so that the creators make more of this show. Unfortunately, season 2 does not seem like a possibility. Even though the show is inspired by an already existing manga series, the show had a very different ending from the manga. So the original ending might be a clue that this show isn’t returning for more episodes. Also, the manga series has ended. All the fans can do at this moment is to rewatch the old episodes of “Beelzebub” or try to find out other anime series similar to this one.

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This show also has a splendid English dub so the non-Japanese fans have nothing to worry about. Beelzebub is available for streaming on platforms like Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll.